A Global Cash Community Initiative to Support Human Recovery & Development post COVID-19

HUMANIA Designs now available

HUMANIA CURRENCY initiative celebrates first design submissions. Stories of captured moments in time from the COVID-19 pandemic and depicting it visually in the form of a banknote or coin. 

Step by step

 HUMANIA is a journey for us all. How far we go and how much good we do ultimately depends on you and your support.

Together, along with all contributors and supporters, regardless of how far we go, every step we will show we care and that individually and collectively, the currency community cares and has a profound sense of humanity towards others, especially in times of crisis.


Industry organisations have formally signaled their support of and partnership with the HUMANIA Initiative.

 The Covid-19 pandemic is perhaps the first truly global crisis ever to touch humanity…Banknotes are perhaps the only truly global product that touch humans…it seems only right that banknotes act as a tool to support humanity and honour those who opened their hearts in a true spirit of solidarity to take care of us all when we needed it most…

Guillaume Lepecq

Cash Essentials

HUMANIA offers us all the opportunity to demonstrate that we can actually work together for the greater good of society. I can think of no better way to unite the global cash community and make a real difference , by helping those who need it most, simply by sharing our passion, talents and resources with the world…

Mark Stevenson

President, IBDA

On behalf of HUMANIA and the Global Cash Community, we wish to thank all designers … Click here to read more