How Can You Help HUMANIA – Today

HUMANIA is all about helping and all parties actively involved in driving the initiative are offering their time, energy and resources free of charge. This spirit of helping and giving back to society is an essential component in the HUMANIA initiative and the initiative depends on our community sharing this ethos in order to be a success. Everyone in the Global Cash Community can support HUMANIA and we now invite you to share in this spirit of helping in one or more of the following ways:




The IBDA is proud to announce that the outputs from Phase 1 of the HUMANIACURRENCY Initiative will be shown for the very first time at the 6th IBDC Virtual Event in May 2021 – depending on the global situation at that time. The HUMANIACURRENCY banknote designs will form a central component in this event and participants will have the opportunity to view the designs and meet the designers who created them.

Other important HUMANIACURRENCY activity that will take place at the 6th IBDC includes:

Purchase of HUMANIACURRENCY Visual Media Packs for Central Banks/Museums

Purchase of HUMANIACURRENCY Commemorative Art-book

The 6th IBDC will also host the HUMANIACURRENCY Design Award Event at which HUMANIACURRENCY designers will receive recognition for their contributions and ultimately a small number of HUMANIACURRENCY designs will be selected by an independent committee to be banknotised and produced as part of the subsequent phases of the HUMANIACURRENCY Initiative.