Who Can Participate in the HUMANIACURRENCY Design Initiative

The HUMANIACURRENCY initiative is open to all organisations within the cash community and we count on industry-wide support to make HUMANIACURRENCY a success. Since we all share a collective responsibility, we invite all stakeholders in the cash community – including the design and production of notes and coins, the distribution, transportation, processing and recirculation, as well as the destruction and recycling – to support the initiative. Stakeholders can participate either as individual organisations or through industry associations.

Here is how you can directly participate in the HUMANIACURRENCY initiative:

On behalf of HUMANIA and the Global Cash Community, we wish to thank all designers … Click here to read more


participants should note that since many submitted designs will actually be produced, they should respect and adhere to established currency design guidelines. While we in no way wish to impose any limitations or restrictions on the design concept and storyboard, the physical design should be realized in a manner that allows future development, origination and production using existing technologies and processes.

Your HUMANIACURRENCY design should:

  • Capture a moment, memory or special person/event from your life during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Celebrate the spirit of humanity and solidarity that binds society together.
  • Tell a poignant story emanating from or relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Visually depict our future as a society in the post COVID-19 world.


How Can You Help HUMANIA – Today

is all about helping and all parties actively involved in driving the initiative are offering their time, energy and resources free of charge. This spirit of helping and gibing back to society is an essential component in the HUMANIA initiative and the initiative depends on our community sharing this ethos in order to be a success.

Everyone in the Global Cash Community can support HUMANIA and we now invite you to share in this spirit of helping in one or more of the following ways:

Let HUMANIA Help You

We recognise that many global cash community organisations are actively involved in some form of Covid-19 relief efforts. Tell us more about what you are doing and let us spread the word for you by enhancing global visibility of your actions and helping to boost support and contributions.


Share Your Ideas and See Them Come True

If you have some ideas on how your organisation would like to help support society during these challenging times, let us know. We can help you convert your ideas into a reality and gain support from other industry actors who may possess the requisite skills, reach and resources to make it happen.

Our role is to ensure that every organisation in our community feels part of a bigger whole and by working together in pursuit of a common goal, we can actually achieve more than as individuals. The world is a big place and it is impossible to know all the actors within our community. We can help connect you with your global counterparts who share your sense of social responsibility to make good things happen.

Your Time & Resources

We recognise that not everyone can make a financial contribution right now to the HUMANIA initiative. However, you can offer your time, resources and energy to help the project. In particular, we need people to help us in the following domains throughout the life of the initiative:

  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Social media
  • Translation services
  • Administration
  • Communication
  • Exhibition set-up and supervision (May 2021)
  • Photography & video services




You don’t need to be a professional designer, not to mention a banknote designer to create a HUMANIACURRENCY design. At its very essence, HUMANIACURRENCY is about enabling you to tell your story by capturing a moment in time from the COVID-19 pandemic and depicting it visually in the form of a banknote. HUMANIACURRENCY designs will not actually become or replace circulating currency so you have a great deal of freedom and latitude to create a piece of artwork that respects the simple project design guidelines. Your design will help us remember and celebrate those special people who demonstrated an exceptional degree of courage, humanity and solidarity and directly contribute help us achieve our goals.

In order to finance the necessary project logistics and HUMANIACURRENCY Art Exhibition we are asking each HUMANIACURRENCY designer to pay a reasonable registration fee as follows:

  • Commercial Banknote Designer/Team ………€900
  • Central Bank Designer/Team …………………….€700
  • State Printing Works/Mint Designer/Team €700
  • Freelance/Independent Designer/Team …….€250
  • Non-Industry Designer/Team …………………….€250
  • Non-professional Designer/Team ………………€100


Create and Contribute

You can register right now to participate in the HUMANIACURRENCY Design Initiative by visiting www.HUMANIACURRENCY.com

Register Here

Spread the Word

The more people who know about HUMANIA, the better are our chances for success. Communication is at the very heart of the HUMANIA initiative and since this is the first ever Global Cash Community Initiative, we could certainly benefit from your help in spreading the word. HUMANIA crosses all borders and divides; linguistic, cultural, political, social and religious. It focuses on helping those who need it most and the more people who engages in and support HUMANIA activity, the more we can help others. You can help spread the word about HUMANIA in any of the following ways:


  • Make HUMANIA a part of your Organisation’s Goals in 2021.
  • Tell your employees/clients about HUMANIA.
  • Contact your national press and media and ask them to write an article about HUMANIA.
  • Write an article yourself (we can help you) about HUMANIA and get it published on social, web or print media.
  • Distribute HUMANIA media to your contacts, colleagues and friends.
  • Promote and visit the HUMANIA Design Expo in 2021.
  • Tell others about HUMANIA collectables and outputs.
  • Encourage others to procure & offer HUMANIA banknotes and collectables to their employees/clients.

HUMANIA Partners

The following Industry Organisations have formally signaled their support of and Partnership with the HUMANIA Initiative:

HUMANIA Governance

From the outset, the HUMANIA initiative has recognised the importance of transparency, equitable representation, compliance and governance in all its activities.

For this reason, the following supervisory and decision-making committees have been assembled. All HUMANIA activity will be accounted for and presented to participants and include a set of fully validated and audited accounts. To date all HUMANIA actors have agreed to offer their time and resources on a free of charge basis demonstrating a collective spirit of solidarity and sincere desire to support global recovery post COVID-19.

The IBDA will assume management of the HUMANIACURRENCY project in the initial phases.

Committee and Contacts